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You may please use either a DEBIT CARD or a CREDIT CARD to pay in this site.

In Debit / Credit card payment page please enter your personal data like name, address, country, phone, email details.

In pay amount field, please enter only the exact figures in numeric, don’t mention any currency code in this field, no letters, no commas or no decimal places (.00))

Please select the currency type Then click "Click here to make payment".

Please note that clicking submit option here does not mean that you have paid the amount. When you click submit you will go into the secured payment gateway to enter your card details like card number, CVV (3-digit number), card validity & expiry date.

Once you input card details, click "Pay", The site then proceeds to the third step of Visa / Master card verification which takes 60-90 seconds. Only after all details have been verified by the card issuing bank, the transaction takes place.

Once the payment has been completed, you & I will receive a confirmation message to our respective Email ID’s

If the internet connection drops or any information has not been entered correctly then the payment will not be authorized.

At times, depending on your banks own security policies, your bank may want to verify you are making this payment, so if the first attempt is not successful, we suggest you call your bank and inform them you are making the payment for your tour arrangement & your bank need to authorize the payment on the next attempt. Only then the payment will be successful.

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