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We welcome you to the payment section of Indian Panorama. This is an encrypted site which means all details you enter in this site is fully secured & will be processed by the HDFC Merchant services. We have taken all extra efforts as part of data protection. Nobody has access to your card details. As a Tour Planner, we receive only the payment confirmation when you make the payment as part of your tour arrangements. So you shall please be assured of the safety of information in this site.

Please note you can make payments using a DEBIT or CREDIT card in this site. We accept all Master / Visa / American Express cards. When you enter the amount, please make sure you enter only the figures as amount, without using any foreign characters like comma, decimal points etc. Using any of these foreign characters in the amount column will bring up an error message in the site.

Please also ensure that your internet connection is exclusively used for making online payment and it is uninterrupted until you finish this payment process. Else you will not be able to complete the process successfully.

If you have any clarifications at any stage in the payment process, please press help option here. Our Customer support person will contact you through Email. If you get any error messages, you can send us a screen shot with the error message as it will be easy for us to check which screen causes you the trouble, why & we shall then assist you accordingly.

For more information, please read the Guidelines Page, thank you.

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